Intrastate Network Design Models

OPEN's current network is designed to allow an unlimited number of technology centers to branch out from the OPEN TC located at Clackamas ESD. The OPEN TC brings together, or aggregates traffic from the technology centers and makes the connection to the Internet provider and the State of Oregon Network.

An Internetwork architecture for the state of Oregon is currently under consideration. Partners include Network for Engineering and Research in Oregon (NERO), Department of Administrative Services (DAS), and the Oregon Public Education Network (OPEN). The Oregon Wide Area Network (OWEN) includes the integration of the existing NERO infrastructure with both DAS/ORNET and OPEN to offer various economies of scale. Learn more about this partnership from a 1997 draft titled An Internetwork Architecture for the State of Oregon.

Follow the links to view the current map of the NERO WAN Layout, or to view useful NERO resources such as router traffic, CPU utilization, and other statistical data. Below you'll find the current map of the Oregon Public Education Network's WAN design.

Network Map