Distance Learning

SOESD The Distance Education program at Southern Oregon ESD is a multi-point, interactive video network that connects 23 schools within the ESD service area. The ESD network also connects with high schools, ESD’s and other institutions throughout the state of Oregon.
Southern Oregon ESD serves as the "hub" for our three county regional network, providing scheduling and first level trouble shooting for the videoconference sites. Additionally Southern Oregon ESD provides training for teachers interested in using the network. Numerous events are scheduled on a daily basis among various sites.
ONE ONE The Oregon Network for Education (ONE) is a one-stop marketplace for K-12, college, and university distance education courses, programs, and services. All courses and degree programs are offered by Oregon K-12 schools, colleges, and universities accredited by the Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges.
CoolSchool COOLSchool offers a dynamic, easy-to-use selection of online courses. All COOLschool courses are:
  • Useful for complementing local curriculum
  • Accredited by the Northwest Association of Schools and
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Oregon content standards-based
  • Taught by licensed teachers
Corvallis Online Corvallis Online seeks to provide students with opportunities to learn online and to earn Corvallis School District credit. Courses are taught by licensed K-12 teachers. Courses are available to students within the Corvallis School District who are enrolled in Corvallis schools, who are home schooled, or attend a private school.
OAN Oregon Access is one of the nation's first comprehensive IP-based video networks, the Oregon Access Network includes over 200 high schools, 20 Education Service Districts (ESD's), and also supports community college and higher education connections.
The system allows students, teachers, and administrators to interact with their counterparts in classrooms all around the state. Each unit is computer-based and offers multi-media functions like the use of videotapes, websites, and PowerPoint presentations
OCCDL OCCDL For over two decades, Oregon Community Colleges have worked together to expand access to education for Oregonians through distance learning.
Today, courses are delivered using a variety of technologies including online, interactive television, videotape, and cable television. Many courses combine technologies to enhance the student’s learning experience.
Listings and information about distance education courses are available on the Oregon Community Colleges Distance Learning Web site at http://oregoncollegesonline.com .
Oregon Online Oregon Online Oregon Online offers core curriculum courses built around skills and objectives outlined in Oregon's performance standards and delivered using a combination of Internet and video technologies.
OSU Online OSU K-12 Online OSU K-12 Online is a flexible learning program that currently includes almost 30 high school classes. Curriculum includes subject areas like English, math, science, social science, arts, technology and career learning.
PSU Portland State University Independent Study Program has approximately 40 fully accredited high school correspondence courses, each worth 1/2 unit (one 1/2-year semester). Courses are taught by certified Oregon high school teachers. Students may study at their own pace and take up to 18 months to complete a course. Course materials are delivered by regular mail. Assignments may be mailed, or in many cases, e-mailed to instructors.
SK Online SK Online is an alternative program of the Salem-Keizer School District 24-J for centrally delivering web-based curriculum.
The program is targeted to any school-aged student, who has a need for acceleration or remediation, is credit deficient, has scheduling conflicts in a traditional school building, limited English proficiency or is home schooled.
In addition, the online learning model accommodates students who are medically fragile, pregnant or parenting, or are in expulsion or diversion circumstances. Courses are geared to young people whose learning style is better matched to the individual, self-paced nature of online learning.
COOLSchool Corvallis Online OAN PSU SK Online SOESD